GOLFMe – a mental game

Designed to help companies consolidate and increase the potential of their staff by enhancing motivation and team building.

Golf is 80-90% a mental sport. The people who get great results are also those who work more on themselves than on technique. As a matter of fact, expectations and mental focus determine success. In professional life, attitude and self-esteem have the same importance. In this case, the analogy to the game helps changing.


        consolidating spirit of team building

  • enhanced performance

  • increasing  motivation

  • improving   work climate

  • Optimizing  stress handling


Duration: half day including prize ceremony to be combined with reception cocktail , lunch or dinner formula.
Pre-Conditions : none, this course does not require any specific knowledge on golf.

Location: in Ticino or neibourhood Italy plenty
of Golf courses around 

upon request one can integrate a Company meeting or specific Coach- training and finishing up with the Golf Team building activity onside .

smart discover tour ticino

This program has been developed to prompt entrepreneurship and team building. The winners will be selected according to the creativity applied in their answers and the originality of their pictures.

Actually, it is not so much about competition, but rather an unforgettable, amusing and enthralling activity.

How it works 

Each team is composed  by 2 people. After the first instructions and test driving , each team will receive  the material and a roadbook (with can be personalized with company Logo on demand . y figuering a detailed itinerary and a quiz to solve during your way. .


the perfect outcome of the program and all saftey aspects  will be ensured by instructors and traffic security along the way.

each particpants  must have a valid driving licence.


Duration: half day  (including test drive)

Location: Tour region  " Malcantone " one
of the most pituresce landscape in Ticino with lots of challenging roads and small villages to pass.

number of particpants are limited
min 10 max 30 for Smart cars, also upgrade to BMW Cabrio cars accordingly to clients budget available.